Northwestern Literary and Historical Society, 3.12.1885

Geo. D. Chester, D. D., L.L.D., President.
Judge Henri Jerningham, Vice President.
Ben. W. Austin, Secretary.
Northwestern Literary and Historical Society, Sioux City, Iowa.
Orginal Poems, Essays, Opinions and Scetches from the Literary, Political and Artistic World Solicited. Also Autograph Letters and Documents, of Distinguished People.
Secretary's Office, Dec. 3. 1885.
Mr. Ivar Andreas Aasen, Christiania, Norway.
Dear Sir. The members of our Society wishing to show their appreciation of your works have unanimously elected you an honorary member. One of our member[s], a native of your country, has interested us greatly with readings from your work on Norwegian Proverbs, a work which he brought to this country with him.
Yours truly
Ben. W. Austin.
Brev nr 26, «Nokre brev til Ivar Aasen 1852-1893», i Brev og dagbøker ved Reidar Djupedal.
Merknad Reidar Djupedal:
Originalen ligg på UBO, brevsamling nr. 174.

Frå Ivar Aasen: Brev og dagbøker. Ved Reidar Djupedal. Band II. Oslo, Samlaget 1958. Merknadene til Djupedal er publiserte med løyve frå familien. Elektronisk utgåve ved Dokumentasjonsprosjektet, UiO 1998 / Nynorsk kultursentrum 2009