Welcome to the Olav H. Hauge Centre: Museum of the Year 2015!
Foto: Harald G Johnsen

Welcome to the Olav H. Hauge Centre: Museum of the Year 2015!

The Olav H. Hauge Centre in Ulvik offers unique insight into the poet’s life and work. The exhibition conveys poetry in many forms across language boundaries. The Olav H. Hauge Centre also has a museum shop, poetry library, poetry workshop and activities for children. The Green Café has indoor and outdoor seating right by the beautiful Ulvik fjord.

Olav H. Hauge (1908 – 1994) was one of Norway’s most prominent poets in the post-war period. A fruit grower by trade, he made his poetic debut in 1946. While remaining firmly rooted in home soil at Rossvoll in Ulvik, he acquired wide perspectives and extensive knowledge through his reading. He published several collections of translated poetry from English, French and German. His own poems have also had a long reach: translations exist in twenty-five languages.


The Hauge Centre is beautifully located at Brakanes by the Ulvik fjord. There, you can learn about the life and works of Olav H. Hauge, but you can also discover many forms of poetry in new and exciting ways. The Centre offers exhibitions, a poetry library, a poetry workshop and a museum shop. In the basement, you will find The Green Café.


The exhibitions invite you to use several of your senses, with installations about poetry and other types of literature which you can look at, listen to and touch. The ground floor is dedicated to Olav H. Hauge’s life and works. Call Hauge’s number on an old Bakelite telephone, and see what happens. Upstairs, you will find poetry of many kinds. In the Poetry Library, you can explore poetry from the whole world: displayed as treasure in treasure chests. In the Poetry Workshop you can find inspiration and write your own poetry: if you get stuck, famous poets have left you useful writing tips. Knowledgeable guides will take you around the exhibition and provide you with stories which inspire wondering and contemplation. During the summer of 2016, a screening of the film ‘Hauge: Master of Words’ by Randi Storaas will be included in the ticket price: screenings will take place all through opening hours until August.


Hunt the Cat is an activity for our youngest guests. Hauge’s cat has hidden in several spots throughout the exhibition. By following the cat-tracks, children will discover the cat in unexpected places, and will simultaneously get to know both Hauge and his cat. For those who have completed the hunt, a proper purr-ize can be collected in the reception.


The Hauge Centre offers a diverse and exciting cultural program of events for children and adults throughout the year. The high point is the Ulvik Poetry Festival, which is arranged every second year in september. The Ulvik Poetry Festival will present a wide range of Norwegian and international poetry, original works and translations, through events at a high artistic and academic level, where all those interested can find an event suited to their tastes.


The Hauge Centre museum shop stocks a broad selection of Olav H. Hauge’s poetry, contemporary poetry, and literature in Norwegian/Nynorsk for children and adults. Drinking glasses with Hauge quotations, Norwegian magnetic poetry, children’s literature-inspired drinking cups and books are only a few of the items you can find on our shelves. Many of our products can be bought in our online store handlenett.no.


The Green Café is situated in the basement of the Hauge Centre, and is run by Paul Richards. He offers hot and cold food, including specialties based on local products. When the sun is out, the café tables down at the quay is a lovely spot in which to settle down with a good book or a literary magazine.


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